Infor helps Nakheel reach for the sky with world's tallest building

Nakheel has bought extra licences worth $3m for Infor 's...

Nakheel has bought extra licences worth $3m for Infor's EAM Enterprise Edition to track, measure and control the performance of equipment.

Nakheel, Dubai's premier property developer and management company, runs estatesincluding the Palm trilogy - the world's three largest man-made islands.

Nakheel's senior manager for IT and operations Bernie Devine said the company's ambition is to maintain "several million" properties in the Middle East, including a proposed one kilometre high building, which would be the world's tallest.

He said Nakheel was investing $30m in IT systems to support its ambitions. "We have got a large customer base to manage, and we have got to be ready for more," he said.

Nakheel has sold about 65,000 properties in Dubai and has maintenance contracts for about 18,000. These include the Palm Jumeira, International City, which has 27,000 flats, Discovery Gardens, with 2,500 apartments and other premier sites. The contracts cover all the common areas such as paths and stairs, as well as infrastructure such as security, plumbing and lifts.

Infor EAM, supplied by Infor's Dubai partner, Intertec Systems, is integrated with Nakheel's existing CRM system. This provides a complete view of all company and third-party equipment and maintenance processes, and allows users to track service requests in real-time. Property owners can check the status of their service requests via a secure web portal fed by Infor EAM.

"Infor EAM enables us to honour our customer service agreements across millions of assets," said Chris O'Donnell, Nakheel's CEO. Assets in this case range from bridges and cranes to pumps and air conditioning systems.

O'Donnell said the extra visibility and control provided by the system will help Nakheel to identify areas to cut costs and improve service levels.

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