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Teams from across the IT industry are already signing up for the 2009...

Teams from across the IT industry are already signing up for the 2009 CARE 3 Peaks Challenge supported by Computer Weekly on 13-14 June. The event offers professionals from the IT industry the opportunity to exchange suits for boots, briefcase for backpack and the comforts of the office for the great outdoors. It also offers participants a chance to be part of something even bigger, in supporting CARE's essential work overseas.

CARE Challenge Manager Michele Evans explains why money raised for CARE is now more important than ever. "As the effects of the current credit crunch hit poor countries and a combination of high food and oil prices and slowing global demand for exports squeezes poor countries, more and more people are being pushed to the edge of emergency. It is now absolutely vital to keep supporting these people in the face of such disaster. When a family earn so little they have to spend over 80 per cent of their income on food, there is not much room for squeezing and with people in the developed world sparing less money, charities are suffering at a time when they are most needed."

Where might the funds raised by the challenge be going?

CARE International works in over 70 countries around the world, tackling poverty and injustice wherever the need is greatest. Across five continents, CARE's work has had an impact on more than 65 million people.

As one of the top three aid and development agencies worldwide, CARE is among the first to respond when disaster strikes. Be it earthquake, conflict, cyclone, tsunami, CARE ensures aid gets to where it is needed most. CARE is committed to remaining with communities and helping people to rebuild their lives for as long as necessary.

The challenge to the IT sector

The CARE 3 Peaks Challenge offers professionals from the IT sector the opportunity to support CARE's essential work by getting together with their most adventurous friends and colleagues and challenging themselves. Teams will aim to scale the UK's three highest mountains, Ben Nevis (1344m), Scafell Pike (978m), and Snowdon (1085m) in 24 hours, an amazing achievement in itself. Knowing the event will be raising substantial funds for CARE makes it all the more worthwhile.

"The problems faced by people in the DRC are unimaginably difficult, but we hope that CARE's work in the region will inspire people in the IT industry to challenge themselves, and challenge poverty," says Michele.

How to enter

The CARE 3 Peaks Challenge, scheduled for the weekend of 13-14 June 2009, is open exclusively to corporate teams of professionals from the IT sector.

If you and your colleagues have what it takes, visit the CARE Challenge website, where you can register your team.

Alternatively, call the CARE Challenge team on 020 7934 9470.

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