T-Mobile and 3 to use BT’s 21CN to support mobile broadband

T-Mobile and 3 have selected BT's IP-based...

T-Mobile and 3 have selected BT's IP-based 21st Century Network (21CN) to support backhaul services on their 3G mobile networks.

Through a joint venture company, the two mobile operators have signed a five-year managed network systems agreement with BT to provide high-speed, next-generation links connecting 7,500 base station sites on their consolidated 3G infrastructure.

The network services contract supersedes the original contracts that BT had in place with both T-Mobile and 3 UK.

T-Mobile and 3 formed their infrastructure sharing agreement in January 2008. The network consolidation agreement is significantly increasing both operators' 3G network quality and coverage, accelerating the provision of new high-speed mobile broadband services.

It will also deliver substantial cost savings as well as environmental benefits.

Emin Gurdenli, technology director at T-Mobile UK, said, "We are now moving ahead with the large scale consolidation of cell sites with the objective of achieving scale and integrating quickly and smoothly.

"This agreement with BT will make sure backhaul is not a constraint now or in the future at a time when T-Mobile is experiencing strong growth in mobile broadband and other mobile data services. It will help ensure we continue to deliver a superior mobile broadband experience to our customers."

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