HSBC wins first ‘excellent’ award for green datacentre

HSBC says it has achieved the UK's first "Excellent" green...

HSBC says it has achieved the UK's first "Excellent" green rating for the building of a datacentre.

The bank was awarded the rating for the design and procurement of its new North London datacentre under the Building Research Establishment's BREEAM certification.

Sustainability was a key driver in the design and equipment procurement process and has been worked into the whole lifecycle of the project, said HSBC.

The building is due for completion in the first half of 2009, and will be the first of three new HSBC datacentres in the UK which will all be designed with the same sustainability principles.

Over the next few years, HSBC has committed to spending around £20m to improve the environmental performance of its office buildings around the world.

The funds form part of a £45m five year global environmental efficiency programme to reduce the group's broader impact on the environment.

HSBC has made a commitment that all new datacentre builds within its global operations will be designed according to local environmentally accredited standards, such as BREEAM and LEED.

The new datacentre is expected to achieve substantial reductions in annual energy and carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in substantial cost savings to the business.

Francis Sullivan, advisor on the environment at HSBC, said, "This rating is a triumph of collaborative working to produce a truly sustainable design. Datacentres, by definition, are heavy users of energy. Through the work of HSBC and the expertise of consultants, the environmental impacts have been minimised, setting a standard for the UK and HSBC buildings globally."

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