Business-class WiMAX will test fixed and mobile broadband operators

WiMAX's increasing popularity among business users fuelling need for operators to round out service options

A new report from market research firm In-Stat has found that even though WiMAX provides the right mix of features and pricing to appeal to consumers, enterprise users will provide a challenge to WiMAX operators  primarily based on the business users' need for ubiquitous, business-class coverage.

“While early WiMAX network coverage will not be as large as 3G cellular, it will be adequate to appeal to consumers,” explained Daryl Schoolar, In-Stat analyst. “When respondents were presented with service examples and picked the one they most preferred, the one representing WiMAX was picked more than two-to-one over the one representing 3G cellular data.  Service descriptions include information on coverage, network performance, pricing, and usage limitations.”

Respondents from the survey indicated marked interest in a wireless broadband service that will allow them to connect multiple devices under a single service plan. They suggested that they wanted a service that could meet both their at home and away Internet needs.

In-Stat believes that fixed broadband operators are vulnerable to losing subscribers to WiMAX. Survey respondents reported increased usage of public wireless.

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