YouTube strikes user privacy deal with Viacom over data hand over in court battle

YouTube has struck a deal with...

YouTube has struck a deal with media content firm Viacom to protect the identities of its users when handing over their entire video viewing records following a court judgement.

Earlier this month, YouTube was ordered to hand over the viewing records of its users in the latest stage of a copyright battle between YouTube and Viacom.

The data was expected to include the log-in identities and IP addresses of all YouTube users, including non-members of the site.

The data hand over had alarmed privacy campaigners.

Viacom says its content copyright has been violated by YouTube and it wants the viewing records to build its case for £500m in damages. A US court ordered the hand over.

YouTube has now struck a deal with Viacom to hand over the records, but without the personal information that could be used to identify individual users.

The data will now be supplied without log-in names and IP addresses. Individual users along with their viewing records will now be listed using numbers or alternative anonymous data.

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