UK businesses shunning real-time data analysis

UK lagging behind in its use of software for real-time data processing and analytics.

Research commissioned by Progress Software Corporation has revealed that 70% of UK businesses have no intention of analysing their data in real-time, but rather rely on retrospective business intelligence (BI) for critical market information.  

The research revealed that UK organisations ranked behind their European counterparts, who expressed the intent to use real-time data, enabling better informed decisions to be competitive and agile in today’s business climate.

The study surveyed CIOs, senior IT managers and department heads across 500 European businesses in financial services, manufacturing, professional services, retail, telecommunications, travel, transportation and logistics. It revealed that the UK is lagging behind in its use of Complex Event Processing (CEP), the technology developed to address the data throughput needs of real-time data processing and analytics.  

A significantly larger number of respondents from France , Italy , Switzerland , Sweden and Germany say they have implemented, or plan to implement, CEP within their organisations.

Commented Giles Nelson, EMEA CTO for Progress Software, “Today’s business environment is more competitive and fast moving than ever before. Customers are savvier than ever and businesses need to be proactive rather than reactive in winning their loyalty and providing exactly what they want when they want it.

“CEP can provide enterprises with real-time information on customer and market trends allowing an enterprise to take advantage immediately – to get ahead and stay ahead. Competitive advantage is often sown up today by the first movers.”

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