Holiday a luxury for IT execs

Heavy workloads are forcing a third of IT...

Heavy workloads are forcing a third of IT executives to miss out on their full holiday entitlement, according to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

A survey of 1,484 executives showed 34% of those missing out on holiday blame excessive workloads.

The CMI said the failure to take holiday could be a result of the credit crunch.

Around 17% of IT professionals said they wanted to use their holiday time to gain skills to make themselves "recession-proof". Over half (51%) did not want to let clients or colleagues down, and 33% said they were focused on meeting project deadlines.

Those execs who did take their full holiday allowance spent much of it working, the CMI said. Nearly half, 47%, regularly checked their work e-mails, 40% picked up voicemail messages, and 15% thought holidays were a good time to catch up on background reading.

Jo Causon, director for marketing and corporate affairs at the Chartered Management Institute, said, "Without a proper break, individual performance can suffer and employers will notice mistakes more than they will their absence through holiday. Individuals need to recognise this and use holiday time to recharge their batteries."

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