Gem in-house BI software now openly available

Diamond drilling company liked its own BI system so much it has made it commercially available

The success of an in-house developed business intelligence (BI) system has driven Scotland ’s leading diamond drilling company, Clyde Valley Drilling (CVD), to make the software commercially available.

The company invested a quarter of a million pounds in developing the iQ solution which it says enabled it to make savings of £200,000 in just one year.  After completing a number of pilot projects with other companies, and receiving awards, CVD is now preparing to establish a stand-alone company called Quarterback Systems to roll-out the product.

iQ is designed to allow companies to take greater control of their business processes by integrating financial systems, job allocation, satellite and plant tracking software and a task management system.

As CVD grew, it said that it was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain accurate paper-based records on new and completed jobs, and was losing track of equipment. In addition, the lack of performance in the task and quote management software it was using was creaking at the seams and was having an adverse effect on the company’s performance as a whole, revealed Owen Barrett, managing director of CVD.  iQ is the answer to these issues.

Owen explained, “iQ is essentially a digital whiteboard that does away with the need for manual paper-based and dated worksheet administrative systems which can be time consuming and a real barrier to the development of a company. Using iQ, we have restructured the day-to-day running of the company and have been able to improve performance levels by removing repetitive, mundane tasks.  We have also reduced our overheads and now have greater control over our assets. It has completely transformed the performance of the business and we’ve almost recouped our initial investment in just one year.”

The CVD managing director also said that there were particular benefits for SMEs from the software. He said, “As an SME we can’t afford to waste money so to have saved £200,000 in one year is a huge boost for the company. Also, time freed up by the system led to a huge increase in our business development, productivity, sales and profit.  “It means that we can invest more time and resources in staff and business development and offer our customers a more competitive and efficient service.”

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