Coach firm Chambers deploys mobile tracking for vehicles

Chambers, a Northern Ireland coach and bus operator, has implemented mobile tracking from Masternaut Three X.

Chambers, a Northern Ireland coach and bus operator, has implemented mobile tracking from Masternaut Three X.

The investment is part of a £5m investment in a new operating centre and a new fleet of luxury coaches.

The Masternaut service, which will allow Chambers to track its fleet and monitor driver activity, incorporates dashboard-mounted PDA devices as part of a real-time driver information and navigation system.

Masternaut has been integrated with Chambers' Distinctive Systems booking system. The integrated system is in use across its door-to-door fleet of 30 "demand-responsive" vehicles for transporting disabled and elderly clients, who find it difficult to use various forms of mainstream public transportation.

The door-to-door drivers receive their route bookings and orders on GPS/GPRS enabled devices, so that they are able to provide superior response levels within a tightly defined operating window.

Michael Lorimer, chief executive for Chambers, said, "We needed a very robust PDA-based booking system that would enable our drivers to receive real-time information.

"The seamless integration of the Distinctive system with Masternaut allows our drivers to get the information they need for each pick up, and we are able to track and monitor their progress also in real-time by simply logging on to the Masternaut website and viewing the live progress of the vehicles."

He said, "We know exactly when the drivers arrive at the pick up, when they leave and when they arrive at the destination."

Chambers plans to implement Masternaut across the rest of the fleet. This will enable the company to monitor the carbon footprint of each vehicle as well as the entire fleet, ensuring it operates at peak performance.

The live monitoring precisely measures idling and driving styles such as heavy braking, and therefore encourages more fuel efficient smooth driving, saving fuel costs and lowering emissions.

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