Security and email top SMEs’ home working concerns

Data protection and email management are the key concerns in a practice that SMEs' businesses depend on.

A survey of how the small business community uses the Internet by SME broadband provider UK Online has found that security and email management are the key concerns in a practice that SMEs' businesses depend on.

In broad terms, greater flexibility and less commuting were driving factors among the small business community’s adoption of home working.

However, in attempting to take advantage of home working, almost half (48%) cited receiving too many irrelevant emails as the biggest frustration with the Internet and how to manage them as one of the key challenges.

Two-thirds (65.70%) of those surveyed by UK Online expressed concerns about Internet security. The third (34.30%) who said they are not worried about Internet security seems a surprisingly high figure given the fact that security incidents occur proportionately more frequently at SMEs than at large enterprises and the effects of such incidents have greater potential ramifications also.

Somewhat alarmingly, half (50.40%) of the SMEs surveyed  did not have telephone and/or remote IT support from broadband suppliers a key issue when gaining the benefits of home working depends on a highly available Internet service.  Of the 49.60% of respondents that did have telephone and/or remote IT support, most people said they hardly ever, seldom or rarely use it.  

“Email remains one of the key uses for the Internet, and the management and hosting of email has never been [as] critical as it is for the growing numbers of remote workers,” warned Chris Stening, managing director of UK Online. 

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