Logicalis launches IT power consumption guide

New online tool designed to enable IT managers to quickly determine the current amount of energy consumed by their datacentres and the potential savings they may achieve

In order to help IT managers better understand how they can reduce their organisation's impact on the environment, Logicalis, a global provider of high-performance technology, has unveiled an IT Carbon and Power Consumption Calculator.


Available at www.us.logicalis.com/green, the online tool is designed to enable IT managers to quickly determine the current amount of energy consumed by their datacentres and the potential savings they may achieve through server and storage virtualisation and consolidation.


Logicalis say that the tool will help IT departments assess their power consumption and related carbon (CO2) emissions and demonstrates that significant carbon footprint and energy cost savings can often be achieved through virtualisation.

"Using the IT Carbon and Power Consumption Calculator, IT managers can better visualise the potential impact of reducing their current IT infrastructure through a variety of virtualisation and consolidation technologies, including blade servers and storage arrays," said Logicalis Senior VP Eric Linxweiler. "We knew the numbers would be surprising to many IT executives and we wanted to provide a simple method for estimating power consumption and the related potential savings for organisations."


The calculations behind the Logicalis IT Carbon and Power Consumption Calculator are based on information from a number of sources: Emission Factors - US Department of Energy; power rates - US Energy Information Administration; power loads per device - various IT vendor sources based on average configurations of sample Logicalis customers; run time - based on a full year with zero downtime, based on Logicalis customer examples; tree and oil measurements - various energy-related sources.

Even though the calculator is intended to provide a representation of an organisation's overall energy usage and costs, Logicalis concedes that it is not meant to provide a detailed assessment of a specific IT environment's power usage, which would require a detailed energy audit for each environment.

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