Fujitsu to aid design of energy-efficient IT facilities

Fujitsu architects, engineers and specialists offer to plan, design, deploy and operate customers' IT facilities

As part of a drive to optimise the energy efficiency of its customers' IT equipment and facilities , Fujitsu has launched what it calls the Green Infrastructure Solution service.


Fujitsu architects, engineers and specialists with expertise in both IT and construction, will assist customers with the planning, design, deployment, and operation of their IT facilities wit the aim of building highly energy-efficient datacentres. The scope of the service will encompass buildings and machine rooms as well as incidental facilities, such as for electric power and cooling, which all together account for more than half the power consumed by a datacentre.


The new efficient IT service aims to reduce customers' power consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 50% of their current levels, excluding however power savings from IT products themselves, such as servers and storage systems. Moreover, Fujitsu claims that it will enable IT systems to be expanded flexibly, unconstrained by power capacity, and gradually optimised in accordance with IT budgets, reducing the burdens associated with maintenance and renovation of IT facilities.


The IT giant is confident that will be able to achieve its aims and improve IT efficiency in customers’ datacentres by using the know-how on optimising energy efficiency gained from through the design and operation of 50 datacentres across Japan .


The drivers for the Green Infrastructure Solution are datacentre’s increased power consumption and electric power costs. Furthermore, says Fujitsu, due to the growth in the integration and scale of IT systems along with their longer running hours, IT departments are now confronted with inadequate power supplies and the burdens of augmenting and maintaining additional power equipment.

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