Hardware Hoarders: Video competition

How to submit your video to our hardware hoarders video showreel, plus tips on recording video and on submitting your video using Brightcove.

We've been asking our readers to show off the IT hardware they're hoarding, whether at home or in the office.

Rounds one and two of our Hardware Hoarders competition have now closed.

The winners were Neil Dawson, the IT manager at RadioCentre, for 'My love for DYMO', and Puncher from Stoke with 'Computer Christmas Cards'.

You can view both winning videos, and the other entries in the video player below.

There will be a third round later this year, with another chance to win, but in the meantime you can still submit your IT hardware videos to our video gallery if you fancy your chances as a budding Spielberg. You won't win a prize, but you could win the respect and envy - or at least passing admiration - of your peers throughour the UK IT industry.

Just scroll down the page for more on how to record and submit your own video.

Recording your video

You can record your video with any digital video camera - including many mobile phones.

You can upload the following file formats: 3gp, mpeg4, wmv, h.264, mpeg2 and dv files. Brightcove will then convert them to work in our player. If you're not sure what format your phone or camera will take, just give it a go - Brightcove will accept video from most current phones and cameras.

Be as creative as you can! Videos that show the equipment in use, in an interesting context, with a person, or with some intriguing commentary, are likely to catch our interest more than a straightforward moving close-up of the object alone. Why not try showing off your kit down the pub, and capture the amazed reactions?

Keep it short! About 2 minutes maximum. 

Please remember, you must own all the copyright in the video - and that means you can't use background music unless you own the copyright to that too, or have permission to use it (e.g. it's royalty-free music licensed to you).

Submitting your video to Brightcove

If you don't already have a Brightcove account, you'll need to create one to enter the competition. It's easy to do and you can register for an account as you submit your video through through the Hardware Hoarders video submission form,  as part of one seamless process. You'll need to enter your email address, together with a screen name and password.

Make sure the 'Email Address' you enter is valid, so that we can contact you if you're a winner, and so you can verify your Brightcove account.

If we publish your video, we'll use the details you've entered in 'Screen Name' and 'Your Location' to credit it, so choose a screen name that you're happy for anyone to see. Make sure your screen name and optional location aren't too detailed for public consumption (e.g. no postcodes), and that they're okay for a wide audience (no obscenities, please).

Use the 'Title' and 'Video Description' fields in the form to please the judges and tempt our readers to view your video, and if you're entering a competition round, include any specific details required for the round you're entering

You can also 'Assign Tags' to further describe your video, if you like. We'll add some automatically so we can keep up to date with the entries for each round.

Once you've submitted your video, our team will review it to check it's suitable. We'll try to do this before the end of the following working day.

Good luck!

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