DPM's diary: 30 October 2007

Weekly round up of events at Bogcaster City Council


Dave is arguing that we need to refresh our computer room kit. Bogcaster City Council's server farm has always been lightly populated owing to our tendency to virtualise as we go, something facilitated by using only Linsux and our tendency to write our own applications.

But the pressure is building to save on power bills by virtualising pretty much everything into a couple of boxes, and Dave has seen this shiny new rack thing and he wants one. Cannot see it myself. I mean some of the existing stuff is only 10 years old. Also, it does involve that "spending money" thing, and since the cuts we do not have any.


Flew up to Aberdeen this evening to attend yet another green IT seminar tomorrow. The plane was packed with eager attendees.

Sitting in the hotel bar having completed the Sodutu, I found myself in an idle moment, so I did a rough calculation and came up with a figure for the amount of CO2 emitted by people attending the seminar.

It is about the same as the claim made by VMBware for the savings to be expected from the virtualisation of the average datacentre.


Bit wrecked this morning, having fallen in with a couple of oil workers in the bar last night. I told them I was here to save the planet and they said not to worry, their company was already working on a plan to run all their petrol station cash machines from photo-voltaic panels. That's all right then.

Anyway, caught the last hour of the seminar before flying back to Least Midlands where I had parked the Jag.


No Mavis this morning. I suppose it is only to be expected - it is Thursday and she has been in every day this week. I waited for the "I am poorly" call, but none came. Then I started getting diary entries made and e-mails forwarded. Eventually I rang her home number.

"Good morning, Mr Bound's office" was the unexpected welcome I got when she answered. I was momentarily uncertain, but after pinching myself and looking around I gained in confidence.

"No it is not," I protested. "Yes it is, well virtually anyway. Did I not tell you? The council has a new home working policy and I am trying it out."


To give Mavis her due, she is inventive. My morning coffee arrived yesterday and this morning by courier. A bemused young lad in full bike gear hands me a cup and saucer with half an inch of cold coffee still swilling about in the bottom and I dutifully sign for it.

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