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Analytics skills

The question: How do I build on my analytics skills?

I have extensive business analysis skills within financial environments and have been considering enhancing and ratifying this by undertaking the ISEB business analysis or ISEB systems analysis diploma course. I am planning to undertake the business analysis diploma and then review additional course activities to develop system analysis skills more deeply. What would you recommend?

The solution: business analysis will prove most fruitful

If are considering independent work or contracting, specialising as either a business analyst or systems analyst will probably serve you better, as within the contract market there are fewer "hybrid" business analysis/systems analysis roles available. These roles are typically independent of each other and as a specialist you will maximise your earning potential. One route you may wish to follow would be to take the formal UML certification from IBM.

If permanent work is your goal, there is a greater likelihood that business analysis work will require an element of systems analysis, although you will find there is a demarcation between the two, certainly in smaller firms. However, systems analysis can branch into technical architecture and business architecture work, which is one of the highest-rewarded skills areas.

My advice would be that further developing your academic capabilities as a business analyst would provide the easiest growth path for you.

- Solution by Nick Dettmar, managing director of Computer People, part of the Adecco Group

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