Ingres delivers improved BI and reporting to open source database with OEM deal

Ingres has announced...

Ingres has announced an OEM partnership with Infoflow to improve business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities in its open source database platform.

Infoflow's automated report production and delivery system is now available through Ingres.

Ingres can now bundle Infoflow into its BI and open source technology stack. This allows customers to schedule, publish and deliver key business information across their organisations.

Ru Kumar, vice president of alliances at Ingres, said, "The alliance with Infoflow helps users maximise their existing BI investment and proves again the value of open source technology for mission critical, enterprise class applications."

Infoflow sits on top of existing databases and corporate applications and manages the generation and delivery of information. It does this by intelligently combining and filtering information from every report before delivering it to the user - either by name or by their role.

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