Cheshire Police trial mobile data system to cut paperwork

Cheshire Police is piloting the use of mobile data technology to help boost front line policing time.

Cheshire Police is piloting the use of mobile data technology to help boost front line policing time.

The mobile data system has been developed by Beat Systems, and is one of the first systems that fully integrates with the Niche RMS, NSPIS Command & Control, PNC, QAS and Stops police system standards.

By having remote access to multiple core operational systems, frontline officers are able to reduce the time they spend in the station on time-consuming tasks such as data entry.

Instead they are more available for community-based activities or deployment to emergencies.

The Beat mobile data system is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, allowing officers to access back-end systems, input information where appropriate and immediately update the force's systems without the need to return to a police station.

Before the system was rolled out, it would not have been uncommon for officers to have to write or type the names and dates of birth of individuals arrested up to 16 times.

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