BI spurs innovation lead at NHS procurement hub

Business intelligence app succeeds in saving hours of management time and raising the profile of the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub

The North West NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (NWCPH) is hitting all of its targets thanks to the successful implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) integration project.

NWNCP is using QlikTech’s QlikView and says that the software has assisted in saving it many hours of management time, and has had the spin-off benefit of raising the profile of the Hub with both the Trust bodies and throughout the NHS. 

The challenge for NWCPH was to achieve a standard approach to collate and consolidate data from multiple financial and purchasing systems and turn it into useful management information.  The BI software enabled the Hub to pull together automatically format and present financial data from many applications throughout its 38 separate Trust sponsor bodies.

Jan Nangle, NWCPH Information Services Manager, commented; “The project itself actually took under 12 weeks, less time than was agreed, and it came in absolutely on budget, with no need for extensions of any sort.  This is rare for any sort of project, but for a BI project, it’s a great result.  We currently have more than 70 licences of different sorts.  These allow developers, category managers, and Trust stakeholders to access QlikView and get the intelligence they need to undertake their jobs more effectively, whilst improving the overall performance of the Hub.”

Previously, all financial data was handled manually.  The process was undertaken annually for the primary North West Collaboration Hub reports, and on an ad-hoc basis by the Hub’s category managers when they needed any specific information.  At best this all took several weeks, and by the time all the data was in, it was usually out of date.

Since implementation, the Hub has been rolling out the data feeds to and from the Trusts and developing the application to include further data analysis and giving access to both Hub employees and Trust employees as well.  Both the Hub and individual Trusts can now see the same information, and drill-down functionality allows complete interrogation of the data. 


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