Hospital shows IT can be pervasive without being all over the place

A London hospital has found a solution to the seemingly incompatible aims of widely available patient records and watertight security.

A London hospital has found a solution to the seemingly incompatible aims of widely available patient records and watertight security.

Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KCH) has chosen Promisec's Spectator Professional to secure its internal network of over 3000 endpoints.

KCH has one of the biggest catchment areas in London, with 700,000 residents of Lambeth and Southwark viewing it as their local hospital. As a teaching hospital, it plays a pivotal role in the education and training of medical, nursing and dental students.

Widespread adoption of electronic patient records was never going to be easy, since end-users were demanding more access, while the compliance department identified multiple security risks.

The safest way of implementing a system was to adopt a clientless approach, explained Derek Farlow, the hospital's ICT security manager yesterday. "You need to see what is going on at the end points, and to be able to control the network," he said. On his recommendation, the hospital ordered supplier Promisec to provide the layered approach to internal security and to keep it compliant over security policies and software licensing.

"Promisec Spectator's clientless approach [should] make deployment quick and easy, and the software's versatility enables us to secure our endpoints simply," said Farlow.

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