Stena Bulk oils the wheels with mobile communication technology

Mobile communication technology is offering business critical services to Stena Bulk, an oil transportation company.

Mobile communication technology is offering business critical services to Stena Bulk, an oil transportation company.

The shipping company is part of Stena AB, a global giant of shipping, real estate, metal trading and recycling and waste management.

Klas Eskilsson, head of Stena Bulk USA, said the company's 35 tankers, which carry up to 1 million barrels of oil, depend on technology. "If communications with the ships break down they cannot tell them where to go so it would be devastating if there was downtime for a couple of hours."

The company's US office, which controls the ships and their valuable cargo, has only only a handful of people operating critical communications technology. "What is interesting about the US office is we only have 20 people but what they do is so vital," said Eskilsson.

He said one missed delivery will cost millions of pounds, so the company considers its technology carefully.

"We think strategically about IT. Although most shipping companies use the same communications technology we try to be at the forefront," added Esklisson.

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