Argyll and Bute council uses VoIP to create virtual contact centre

Argyll and Bute council has turned to voice over IP (VoIP) technology to power a new "virtual" contact centre for citizens.

Argyll and Bute council has turned to voice over IP (VoIP) technology to power a new "virtual" contact centre for citizens.

VoIP is being used to deliver a virtual system that enables council advisors to work from offices distributed throughout the Scottish mainland and islands, while having access to common technologies and resources.

The contact centre is powered by Macfarlane CallPlus contact centre technology embedded within a new Cisco IP infrastructure. CallPlus is also tightly integrated with Lagan Frontline CRM software, ensuring relevant customer and council information can be passed to advisors as calls are answered.

In the initial phase of deployment, council tax queries are being handled at a single centre in Campbeltown.

Advisors make use of technology integration between the council's Lagan Frontline CRM software and Northgate SX3 council tax system, which enables them to change customer records without the need for double entry.

It is the first time this type of system integration has been achieved in a Scottish Council.

The council is planning to move benefits, street lighting and roads, leisure bookings and its library catalogue into the contact centre by this December.

Planning and other departments will be moved to the contact centre next year.

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