Top 10 data backup news stories and tips

The top 10 data backup news stories of the year are listed below along with related expert advice. We will be featuring several of these articles over the summer with the first focusing on backup. Enjoy!

Summer's is in full swing! Between flipping burgers on the BBQ and taking a dip in the pool, we know some of you will sneak a peak at the ol' screen.

For those of you that can't resist, here's some summer reading to keep you going. The top 10 data backup news stories of the year are listed below along with related expert advice. Some of the backup topics that we've been following this year include data deduplication, backup as a service, remote backup, tape transport and bare-metal restore.

We will be featuring several of these articles on various topic areas over the summer. Enjoy!

  1. Data deduplication is probably the most important trend to pick up speed this year. Found in almost all new secondary storage systems sold as backup targets, this feature will not only lower your storage costs but also help you organize your data better as you won't have so much of it. The most well known player in this space, Data Domain, went public this summer.

    Data deduplication rockets ahead
    NEC preps grid-based disk backup appliance

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  2. CommVault latest upgrade to its Simpana backup software adds significant scalability improvements and new features including file-level single-instancing, search and indexing. However admins are somewhat leery when it comes to the new indexing feature, which would allow end users to do their own restores.

    CommVault overhauls backup suite

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  3. Symantec's storage group has spent the best part of this year upgrading existing products including PureDisk, its remote office backup software and NetBackup, its flagship enterprise backup software. For the skinny on user reactions to these updates, check out these stories:

    Symantec tightens NetBackup, PureDisk integration
    Users dish on Symantec PureDisk
    Users eye NetBackup 6.5 upgrade

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  4. Server virtualization giant, VMware, is preparing for a public offering any day now. While the technology has revolutionized server provisioning for thousands of companies, there are still some teething problems, especially when it comes to backing up virtual machines. VMware has done a lot to address the issues already, but users want more.

    VMware backup still tough
    VMware backup: room for improvement

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  5. If you use Iron Mountain to transport backup tapes over long distances, you might want to double check how they are actually moving your tapes. Some users were disturbed to find out that their tapes were riding on the back of a FedEx truck…

    Iron Mountain's transport methods disturb some users

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  6. The software as a service (SaaS) market is about as hot as it gets right now and two of the biggest storage companies have decided to take a bite out of the pie.

    EMC, Symantec to enter Software as a Service market

  7. Some users are way ahead of the curve in using backup as a service and are already switching to newer, cheaper providers.

    Architectural firm swaps online data backup service providers

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  8. IBM's software group unveiled a long-awaited upgrade to Tivoli Storage Manager, the company's legacy backup application, improving the notoriously slow recovery times for a full TSM restore.

    IBM improves data recovery process for TSM users

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  9. The new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have shaken things up for the IT industry, now tasked with keeping corporate data under a tighter leash than ever before incase of litigation. All kinds of news products and services are springing up to help including tape restoration services that accelerate the data recovery process.

    Tape restoration firm accelerates restores

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  10. The words bare metal and restore are enough to make most system administrators run screaming for the hills. Until recently, the process of reinstalling an operating system, settings and application data in the event of a losing a machine has been a major headache. Finally, vendors have taken notice. Symantec introduced Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0 earlier this year and DoubleTake and EMC have joined the fray.

    DoubleTake adds bare metal restore to backup
    EMC buys Indigo Stone for bare metal restore

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