IT managers not taking all holidays, according to Chartered Management Institute

Nearly two-thirds of IT managers fail to take their full holiday entitlement, according to a report by the Chartered Management Institute.

Nearly two-thirds of IT managers fail to take their full holiday entitlement, according to a report by the Chartered Management Institute.

One fifth of the 63% of managers who do not say it is because their workload is too high, and a further 29% work on holiday to reduce pressure when they return.

UK employers are saving around £4bn a year on directors who collectively abstain from taking 21.6m days of holiday each year.

The figure has risen since 2004, when 40% did not take their full holiday.

Some 37% of directors who do not take holiday intend to sell their entitlement back to their company.

But environmental issues are not affecting those who do travel, with only 12% of managers intending to offset the carbon footprint created by long-haul flights and 10% intending to fly less frequently.

The survey also showed that 78% of managers are involved in regular voluntary work.

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