Nanoforum reports on security for nanotechnology

Nanoforum, the European information exchange for nanotechnology matters, has reported on security applications for tiny tech.

Nanoforum, the European information exchange for nanotechnology matters, has reported on security applications for tiny tech.

Nanotechnology has been a key EU priority. The EU has spent several hundred millions of pounds researching the technology.  Three research projects have dealt specifically with security applications.

TERAEYE aims to develop a range of passive inspection systems, based on terahertz (THz) wave detection, to detect materials harmful for homeland security. DINAMICS is developing a lab-on-chip device to detect pathogens in water supply systems. NANOSECURE aims to be a widely-deployed early warning and detoxification system for harmful airborne substances.

This report describes nanotechnology applications for civil security in four broad sections:
• detection, including imaging, sensors and sensor networks for the detection of pathogens and chemicals;
• protection, including decontamination equipment and filters, and personal protection;
• identification, including anti-counterfeiting and authentication, forensics, quantum cryptography and the market for counterfeit and grey goods;
• societal impacts, including current regulatory and ethical frameworks, potential impacts on ethics and human rights, and public perception.

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