Interop: updated software, new security features

3Com targets SMBs; Shift4 introduces gateway to wipe data; SecureWave updates software; StillSecure opens support program; and BlueCoat demonstrates mobile security tools.

3Com targets SMBs with new platforms

3Com announced a new set of platforms aimed at small businesses.

Called 3Com X-Family Unified Security Platforms, the software package, which comprises the X5 and X506 products, is built on network-based intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and integrated with VPN, firewall, Web content filtering and traffic shaping capabilities.

The X5 and X506 are targeted at distributed networks that are deploying Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and require Quality of Service (QoS) for mission critical traffic, 3Com said. The integrated bandwidth management capabilities prioritize voice or video traffic, while throttling back non-essential traffic to maximize network resources and reclaim bandwidth.

3Com's X5 and X506 Unified Security Platforms are currently globally available. The X5 is available in two models: 25 user and unlimited users, with pricing starting at $995. The rack-mount X506 supports unlimited users, with pricing starting at $3,995. A subscription to Digital Vaccine or Digital Vaccine Gold is required with the purchase of either platform.

Shift4 introduces gateway to wipe secure credit card data

Las Vegas-based Shift4 Corp., a maker of web-based transaction processing gateways, is introducing a gateway aimed at legacy point-of-sale (POS) systems that can be used to wipe out personal credit card data at the POS terminal.

Called 4GO with SecureSwipe, the software, sed with Shift4's On the Net gateway, also removes the credit card data in back-office data storage and during all data transport.

Shift4 said its 4GO software encrypts transaction data at the point of sale, replacing any potentially useful data with "faux data" that can not be used by anyone outside the system. Any logs that may have been left on inadvertently, any logs that traditionally log cardholder data or any logs associated with unsupported legacy systems are protected by this faux data, which means useable data is never retained in the POS device or the merchant's system, the company said.

Shift4 Corporation is offering 4GO SecureSwipe technology at no cost to current Shift4 On the Net users.

SecureWave to launch software update in June

Endpoint security vendor SecureWave announced Sanctuary 4.2, the latest version of the company's endpoint security software, which offers unified policy enforcement for centrally managing and monitoring device and application use on corporate PCs, laptops and servers.

Using a single console, administrators can define and enforce policies for acceptable use of removable storage media and applications. It also has custom reporting tools to address compliance issues that govern privacy and internal controls.

New features in the latest version include custom reports and scrips and macros protection. New password lockout and recovery features have also been added as well as the ability to create offline temporary permissions on demand. Sanctuary 4.2 will be available in June.

StillSecure opens support program, announces partnership

Superior Co.-based StillSecure, which develops secure network infrastructure software, announced a three-tiered Cobia support program and an online appliance purchasing program for the community source product. Both programs were launched in response to a community request and make it easier for network and security administrators to deploy Cobia, a Unified Network Platform.

Cobia modules previously in beta are now generally available and offered free-of-charge to the networking and security community. The Cobia three-tiered support program supplements the free online support and community forums. StillSecure also offers premium support options.

In addition, StillSecure has launched an online purchasing program for Cobia network appliances that is available on the Cobia download site. Cobia users can purchase a pre-configured appliance that can be plugged directly into the network.

StillSecure is also partnering with Force10 Networks to facilitate hardware-based network access control (NAC). The partnership enables integration between Safe Access, StillSecure's NAC solution, and the Force10 C-Series resilient switch. Joint customers can now implement NAC using 802.1x-based enforcement controlled by a switch.

Blue Coat demonstrates mobile security tools

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Blue Coat Systems, Inc. is demonstrating its Blue Coat SG Client product at Interop Las Vegas. The SG Client and SG appliance is a WAN optimization tool for mobile and remote enterprise users. It began shipping in April 2007.

Blue Coat SG Client extends enterprise security, control and acceleration to remote enterprise users, regardless of their location. SG Client offers acceleration of files or applications even within existing VPN sessions and an extensible framework upon which to later add other Blue Coat client capabilities which now exist in some of its other products, including security, policy control and performance monitoring features.

Currently, SG Client incorporates protocol optimization for CIFS and TCP as well as client- side object caching and compression. Other protocol optimizations will be added in later versions this year.

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