DVLA speeds registrations with BancTec scanning system

The Driver & Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) has installed a new scanning system to improve processing times for vehicle registration certificates.

The Driver & Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) has installed a new scanning system to improve processing times for vehicle registration certificates.

The new system, supplied by document processing specialist BancTec, helps ensure the DVLA complies with the government target to issue new vehicle registration certificates within 14 days.

Richard Harris, DVLA project manager, said, “We have worked very hard to gain significant improvements throughout the entire scanning process, and the BancTec system has played an important role in helping us achieve these targets.”

Installed at DVLA headquarters in Swansea, the new system incorporates BancTec’s DocuScan 9000 high speed scanner/sorter and IntelliScan document capture software application.

The system currently processes an average of 40,000 documents a day at the DVLA offices and automatically sorts scanned documents into individual pockets for streamlined post-scanning operations.

Harris said, “Our team has made significant steps in improving every process, from document preparation to data capture, and by moving to the BancTec system we are now scanning all our certificates within the necessary 24-hour timeframe.

“For the first time, we are also able to scan in high speed colour, significantly improving the image clarity for our data entry operators. This has resulted in continually hitting our data accuracy target of 97.5%, as well as reducing the number of rejected documents,” said Harris.

The DVLA is currently testing a second DocuScan device to capture a range of additional driver and vehicle-related documents, including car tax refunds, police request forms and vehicle import and export documents.

Harris added, “With the high speed scanners in place we will have enough capacity to add all our remaining document streams, allowing us to centralise our entire operations.

"We envisage that in the near future we will be able to replace our microfilm library, currently the largest in the UK, with a digital archive that will allow us to provide easier and faster access to customer’s driver and vehicle documents.”

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