Adobe makes Flex web development platform open source

Adobe Systems is making its Flex web development platform open source.

Adobe Systems is making its Flex web development platform open source.

The company wants to encourage developers to use the platform to build new internet applications and applications that can use Adobe’s new Apollo desktop system.

Flex will be available under the open source Mozilla Public License (MPL) in the second half of this year, said Adobe.

Available since last summer, the free Flex software development kit enables developers to build Flex applications, including the MXML compiler and the ActionScript 3.0 libraries that make up the Flex framework.

“Open source co-creation is a powerful way to build a strong development community,” said James Governor, an analyst at RedMonk.

“Adobe's decision to open source Flex is a radical move, which should attract a new class of developer to the platform.”

Developers will be able to freely download, extend and contribute to the source code for the Flex compiler, components and application framework.

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