Most firms lack enterprise-wide data encryption

Only 9% of UK firms have an enterprise-wide data encryption strategy, a survey has revealed.

Only 9% of UK firms have an enterprise-wide data encryption strategy, a survey has revealed.

Encryption specialist PGP Corporation commissioned the Ponemon Institute to identify trends in encryption use, planning strategies, and deployment methodologies at 541 UK IT organisations.

Fifty four per cent of firms cited brand protection and reputation as the primary drivers for encryption use.

Although 55% said they had some type of encryption strategy, only 9% said such a strategy covered the whole business.

The survey found that 10% used encryption for data breach mitigation. Half of firms were interested in a platform approach to centrally manage and deploy multiple encryption applications.

Such an approach would reduce operational costs, said 57% of respondents.

"Recent UK data breaches such as those at TK Maxx, Nationwide Building Society, and a Nottinghamshire hospital could easily have been avoided by deploying available encryption technologies," said Phillip Dunkelberger, chief executive of PGP Corporation.

"However, the negative publicity from breaches continues to rise, tarnishing companies' brand images, damaging consumer confidence, and causing serious headaches for IT and executive management,” he said.

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