Softalk offers alternative to Microsoft messaging

Softalk has launched a lower-priced alternative to Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration servers aimed at small firms.

Softalk has launched a lower-priced alternative to Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration servers aimed at small firms.

Softalk Share Server enables users to instantly share Microsoft Outlook folders, so changes made in Outlook are available immediately.

According to Softalk, this was only previously possible using Microsoft’s premium-priced Exchange or Small Business Server, as most competitor products do not instantly update Outlook as changes are made.

Softalk Share Server enables users to share both personal and public Outlook folders, including e-mail, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks.

Softalk said new users and permissions can be set up quickly with four clicks, without the need for the complex configuration required to use Microsoft Exchange.

Softalk Share Server has been designed for non-IT specialists to install and use. Access to folders can be set by user groups, further simplifying administering permissions.

“The two key benefits of Softalk Share Server for small and medium businesses is that it is very easy to use and has minimal hardware requirements, both of which mean it has a much lower cost of ownership than Microsoft Exchange or Small Business Server,” said Simon Bates, joint chief executive at Softalk.

Softalk Share Server does not need a dedicated Windows Server computer, which means lower hardware and software license costs. It can also be used on either existing 32-bit Windows computers or new 64-bit computers, unlike Exchange 2007, which needs a dedicated 64-bit Windows Server with an Active Directory domain.

For smaller companies Softalk Share Server can even run on a workstation that is also being used by an Outlook user.

Softalk Share Server is available for a 30-day free trial at

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