Most firms have no target to cut IT emissions

Nearly 70% of UK businesses have no target to reduce their IT carbon footprint.

Nearly 70% of UK businesses have no target to reduce their IT carbon footprint.

Research by the Green Technology Initiative reveals over 90% of respondents to its Green IT Awareness Survey think that tackling the carbon footprint of IT systems is core to an overall green strategy, but most firms are not doing anything about it.

Instead, most firms are looking to their suppliers and the government to carry the responsibility for cutting emissions.

The survey also revealed that 79% do not link power costs to hardware spend or IT budgets, despite the fact that a small server will now cost more to power during its lifecycle than it costs to purchase initially.

And over 95% of respondents do not know how efficient their IT systems are because they have no measurement.

The survey was based on 100 responses from UK IT managers, consultants, network and general managers.

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