CMA to merge with BCS

The Communications Management Association (CMA) plans to merge with the British Computer Society.

The Communications Management Association (CMA) plans to merge with the British Computer Society.

The 50-year-old CMA, which mainly represents around 2,000 telecom managers, says such a merger will help it survive as a body in a rapidly converging ICT market.

The BCS has welcomed the CMA into the fold, and says its telecoms expertise will help its current IT membership get to grips with voice and data convergence.

The CMA membership will vote on the merger at the body’s AGM in July. The initiative would see the CMA become a subsidiary of BCS, while remaining an independent company with its own brand and membership.
It would also continue its charitable status and retain its independent regulatory consultation role with Ofcom and other industry bodies. 

The CMA would also maintain its current small Leatherhead headquarters under the leadership of chief executive Glenn Powell.

At the same time, BCS would create a new Communications Forum that would be operated by CMA. BCS members would become CMA affiliate members. Similarly, CMA members would become BCS affiliate members.

The CMA and BCS merger comes as telecoms supplier industry organisation CITA (formerly the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) closes down.

CITA’s membership has now been invited to join the CMA. For the past couple of years, the CMA has been heavily signing up associate members who work for telecoms suppliers.

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