Quarter of IT heads ‘don't think green is important’

Almost one in four IT directors and CIOs say green issues are of little or no importance to them.

Almost one in four IT directors and CIOs say green issues are of little or no importance to them.

A survey commissioned by IT services firm Computacenter Services, and carried out by PMP Research, questioned 100 IT directors and CIOs over green issues like lowering power consumption and reducing datacentre cooling requirements.

The main “environmental” concerns for respondents were a lack of available space for new infrastructure (43%), a lack of available power capacity (33%) and the high cost of real estate (20%).

The survey found that nearly half (48%) of public sector IT directors have reduced processing power on the desktop, or are evaluating a move towards centralised application delivery. 

But 60% of IT directors in the banking sector have no intention of taking this route.

Almost a third (32%) of manufacturing IT professionals said that managing environmental constraints is of little or no importance to them. This was compared with 16% in retail, 29% in banking and finance and 16% from the public sector. The average was just over 23%.

One in seven (14%) said there was little awareness within their organisation of the need to adopt more environmentally friendly IT practices.

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