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Report from Tibco ‘Tucon’ 2007 user conference, San Francisco

As the cost of storage, processing power and memory have come down and network speed races ahead, the cost of running enterprise IT keeps rising, in what Tibco chairman and chief executive Vivek Randivé calls “the IT paradox”.

Randivé told Computer Weekly at the enterprise integration software supplier’s 2007 user conference that businesses should not be constrained from the ability to assemble and maintain infrastructure applications on the fly.

“Enterprises need to be able to combine their IT infrastructure with analytics and business process execution in real-time. Yet when end users already have access to far superior systems at home, with Google or widgets, all in Web 2.0 for example, the tail is wagging the dog,” he said.

In response, Tibco announced it had acquired business intelligence (BI) software company Spotfire in a £143m ($195m) deal to “get real-time information from across the IT infrastructure to analyse business events and apply rules at speed,” said Randivé.

“This will deliver the predictive piece, which is really the icing on the cake.”

Spotfire’s Enterprise Analytic BI platform uses a dynamic Web 2.0, user interface and will integrate with Tibco’s integration and business process management (BPM) and optimisation products. The aim is to deliver more powerful data analytics of business processes built on composite IT applications to end users in a far more business-oriented, user friendly format.

In a 2009 roadmap characterised by what Randivé said would “bring simplicity and a self-service element to enterprise IT,” the supplier also announced ActiveMatrix, a new ‘container’ or service oriented architecture (SOA) server for managing sophisticated and complex service built on integrated IT systems.

While Tibco One is a project to establish a unified platform and role-driven interface for its various messaging, SOA and BPM products, to simplify the access to and development or management of complex IT-driven operations, for IT developers and architects to business analysts and line managers.

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