Citrix launches new app delivery platform

Citrix has announced the availability of Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 to ease the delivery of secure server-based Windows applications over a network.

Citrix has announced the availability of Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 to ease the delivery of secure server-based Windows applications over a network.

Version 4.5 includes new capabilities such as on-demand application streaming, centralised application provisioning, end-user experience monitoring, enhanced single sign-on, and advanced graphics acceleration.

John Humphreys, an analyst at IDC, said, “This latest release of Presentation Server with both application virtualisation and streaming technologies provides even more flexibility for enterprise Windows customers with large application portfolios.”

He said, “The combination of these technologies, in addition to all the other new features, not only helps customers to virtualise their applications, but also choose how to manage, provision and secure applications for their users.”

The new Application Streaming technology was formerly code-named ‘Tarpon’ and was first unveiled at Citrix’s annual user conference in Florida last autumn.

This feature sees the principle of streamed video content being applied in an on-demand way to applications such as Microsoft Office 2007.

Citrix said that because streamed applications operate in a protected isolation environment on each user’s desktop, IT managers can now offer a much wider range of desktop applications to users without worrying about version conflicts and migration headaches.

When users are disconnected from the network, streamed applications run normally, just as if they had been installed via traditional means. When connected, any new updates, patches or rollbacks are automatically, and transparently, streamed to each user, ensuring they are always working with the latest version.

Presentation Server 4.5 comes in three editions - Advanced, Enterprise and the all-new Platinum version. Available in March 2007, suggested retail pricing starts at $350 (£185) per concurrent user and includes one year of Citrix Subscription Advantage support.

More details about the features available in each edition can be found at:

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