Safe enterprise Web browsing: Five tips in five minutes

It is no secret that workers often spend part of their work day casually browsing the Web. But this casual surfing, if left unmanaged, can seriously jeopardize the security of your network. With these five tips, learn to effectively manage your employees' Web browsing.

Given the fact that nearly every employee spends their working hours at a computer, it is reasonable to expect that many spend part of their day browsing the Web. Learn how to control what your clients can view, get up-to-speed on Web-based security threats and limit their internet accessibility.

Safe Web browsing in the enterprise

  Tip 1: Controlling Web surfing with Content Advisor
  Tip 2: Researching antivirus, e-mail and Web security products
  Tip 3: Limiting user access to the Internet
  Tip 4: Blocking Web anonymizers in the enterprise
  Tip 5: Limiting access to Web sites with IE's Content Advisor

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