SunGard cuts disaster recovery time

SunGard Availability Services has launched the Electronic Vaulting disaster recovery service.

SunGard Availability Services has launched the Electronic Vaulting disaster recovery service.

In the event of a disaster, customer data stored in Electronic Vaulting can be rapidly recovered at a SunGard site, saving users valuable time in getting their systems up and running again.

SunGard said full recovery time savings could be up to eight hours and beyond in some instances.

Electronic Vaulting works by sending daily data backups across SunGard’s national network for storage at two separate datacentre locations.

The data is held on disc at one of the datacentres, and on tape at the other. Storing the data in two locations helps to protect against the risk of loss of the data at any one site.

SunGard said the approach automated the laborious manual process associated with physically transporting backup tapes to storage centres, and helped organisations to initiate recovery of data from disc without having to wait for the tapes to be returned to their premises.

The Electronic Vaulting service integrates with SunGard’s existing portfolio of recovery services, including Enhanced Recovery, Managed IT Solutions, Workplace Recovery and Data Profiling.

Data Profiling helps firms siphon off the most important data to their organisation. SunGard said that its use as part of an Electronic Vaulting implementation could help companies reduce information volumes by about a third, cutting backup and recovery times by a similar amount.

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