BASF secures global e-mail with managed service provider

BASF has signed a major pound deal with Postini to help secure its e-mail systems across 170 countries.

BASF has signed a major pound deal with Postini to help secure its e-mail systems across 170 countries.

The managed service contract requires Postini to meet different mail routing requirements, to customise handling of different mail streams, and to comply with German and international data security and privacy requirements.

Global chemicals manufacturer BASF recently decided to optimise its e-mail architecture by consolidating its multiple internet e-mail domains into a single global domain.

To help manage the new architecture and protect the new global domain from a probable increase in spam and virus attacks, BASF went to Postini for help.

“We consider e-mail a mission-critical application, so our goal is to proactively address business risk by blocking spam and viruses before they enter our company’s e-mail servers,” said Brigitte Buchsrucker, senior specialist for IS architecture at BASF’s Global Competence Centre for Information Services.

“Postini’s e-mail security service is easy to manage, offering logical, intuitive administration tools requiring little administrative effort, which is very important to us,” said Buchsrucker.

Buchsrucker said BASF also valued Postini’s multiple regional data centres to address specific language, cultural and security requirements. Postini currently operates data centres in Santa Clara, California; Chicago; London; Amsterdam; Zurich, and Geneva.

A total of 60,000 BASF employees are now supported by Postini’s Perimeter Manager Enterprise Edition platform. On average, Postini processes about 370,000 incoming messages a day for BASF, or about 11 million messages a month.


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