What makes a Best Place to Work?

There are a broad range of ingredients that go into a making a Best Place to Work.

There are a broad range of ingredients that go into a making a Best Place to Work.
One of the most fundamental is whether an employer shows a genuine commitment to their employees’ careers and is prepared to invest in their development.

“Employers should offer assistance with career planning and retraining to enable both the employee and employer to react to IT’s fast-changing demands, as well as keeping pace with technology’s ever hastening evolution,” said Charles Hughes, president of the British Computer Society.

Providing mentally stimulating work for staff is also important. IT staff like working at the cutting edge, exploring the latest technologies and implementing them for the business.

But perhaps most vital factor is the need for an employee to feel valued. This can be reflected in higher salaries, but day-to-day respect and appreciation are more important for most staff.

“Credit should be given when jobs are done well,” said Roger Ellis of the IT Directors Network. “People want to be appreciated and have respect shown to them. These factors are far more important than issues like salary or how big your desk is.”

IT staff also need to have respect from other departments. This means that IT needs to be seen as working for the business.

The physical environment can be a factor too, though this can be subjective, depending on the individual needs of employees. Creches, on-site gyms or scenic surroundings can be valuable.

Work/life balance is increasingly part of the package, with laptops, mobiles and a culture of supporting people’s needs, becoming the norm.

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