Unilever outsources global firewalls to BT

Unilever has awarded BT a 6.5-year, £10.5m contract to provision and manage a global network firewall service.

Unilever has awarded BT a 6.5-year, £10.5m contract to provision and manage a global network firewall service. 

Some firms have hesitated in outsourcing their firewall structure because of internal security, but large firms such as Unilever are finding it increasingly cumbersome to manage and update firewall systems as potential threats increase and evolve.

The new deal comes after Unilever recently extended BT’s main telecoms contract with it.

The firewall deal will see BT take over full management responsibilities for Unilever’s estate of 256 firewalls spread across 68 countries. 

BT will transform Unilever’s regionally managed firewall model into a single, consolidated global management structure in line with the rest of its networked IT services.

BT’s global managed firewall service team will remotely manage the consolidated system, enhancing security against virus and other network-based attacks by applying a standard set of processes and reporting procedures to each of the firewalls.

Geoff Thirlwall, vice-president of IT services at Unilever, said, “As an extension of our existing service contract, we have opted to transfer the management of our firewalls to BT. 

“Our decision was based on a desire to transform the management of the service in line with the rest of our IT portfolio and benefit from the added global security that BT will deliver through its standardised service”

Unilever’s leading brands include Knorr, Flora, Dove, Lynx, Persil, Domestos, Marmite and Pot Noodle.


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