National Grid for Learning scrapped

The National Grid for Learning (NGfL) has been scrapped.

The National Grid for Learning (NGfL) has been scrapped.

The grid was announced by the incoming Labour government in 1997, and was supposed to be central to its aim of integrating ICT into learning.

Government computer agency Becta said it was “exiting from the NGfL brand”. The NGfL web portal to educational resources is now no longer available.

However, while the English and Scottish versions of the grid have gone, the Welsh version has been retained, and is still serving schools with a variety of resources.

The Department for Education and Skills said, “The National Grid for Learning was always a time-limited programme, developed to deliver a structure of educationally valuable content on the internet and to offer ICT infrastructure, services, support and training.

“The programme was superseded by the ICT in Schools programme which looked at the actual embedding of ICT to improve learning and teaching, and raise standards for all children and learners.”


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