Top IT industry suppliers and telcos support wireless community scheme -- and other news briefs

Brief takes on the week's news

Suppliers back wireless community scheme

Intel, Cisco, IBM, SAP and Check Point are among major suppliers and telcos backing an initiative to help local authorities and governments set up wireless-enabled communities. The plan is to make internet access more widely available, allowing private individuals and government employees to access affordable municipal services online.

Juniper boosts VPN and firewall performance

Juniper Networks has improved the performance and scalability of its high-end Netscreen-5000 Series firewall and virtual private network. The product delivers up to 30gbps data throughput in high-end firewall mode and 15gbps in VPN mode. Juniper said the modules were designed to support bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive technologies such as voice over IP, real-time streaming and data replication services, without affecting the integrity or performance throughput of the network.

Netscaler purchase boost for Citrix users

Citrix Systems is to acquire application networking company Netscaler for £176m in a bid to improve the way its thin client users access their applications over the web. The Netscaler technology will improve access to applications via the Citrix Access Platform. Netscaler accelerates the performance of web browser-based applications by as much as 15 times and will improve application security, manageability, reliability and availability, while lowering the cost of operations, said Citrix.

Project aims to improve online traffic monitoring

The London Internet Exchange is to fund a research project at University College London which aims to improve the monitoring of internet traffic. The work could lead to improvements in internet traffic management and, in turn, more reliable connections for internet users. The three-year project will look at real-time, distributed and secure traffic monitoring tools for internet exchange points and internet service providers.

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