News in brief

Short takes on this week's news

IBM ships Workplace product with Red Hat OS

IBM is shipping its Workplace Services suite of applications with the Red Hat Linux operating system. Companies are being offered both systems for 90-day trial periods. IBM is encouraging large corporate and public sector IT users to use its software when they switch to Linux. Small and medium-sized businesses or individual departments in larger organisations will be able to test IBM Workplace Services on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.

New GroupWise comes with SuSE Linux

Novell has released GroupWise 7, the latest version of its e-mail and instant messaging server. GroupWise 7 has an integrated e-mail and instant messaging interface, improved Microsoft Outlook XP and 2003 support, improved calendar support, and comes with a bundled copy of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server on which to run it. GroupWise 7 also runs on other versions of Linux, NetWare and Windows 2003.

BusinessObjects XI is tailored to Linux

Business intelligence supplier BusinessObjects has made version XI of its BusinessObjects suite available on Linux for the main Linux platforms. BusinessObjects XI includes Crystal Reports Server XI, and supports both the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server platforms. The suite is already available on Windows and Unix platforms.

Borland to move to Eclipse infrastructure

Borland plans to move to the open source Eclipse development infrastructure, to help bolster forthcoming releases of its JBuilder development suite. Borland has traditionally focused on three product lines: integrated development environments (IDEs), run-times, and application lifecycle management (ALM) components. But it will now focus on ALM, and is banking on Eclipse to underpin its toolset.

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