HP goes to AMD for server blades

HP has made an addition to its server blade portfoilio with the introduction of a high-performance blade PC based on AMD64 technology.

HP has  made an addition to its server blade portfoilio with the introduction of  a high-performance blade PC based  on AMD64 technology.

HP say that its new HP bc1500 blade PC, based on HP BladeSystem technology, will be part of its Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI) solution set. HP attributes to it  increased  manageability and security, added performance and also reduced IT management costs. The solution also improves data security by limiting traditional desktop computing risks such as theft, viruses and lost data, while maintaining a high-quality, personalized desktop experience for end-users.

"Putting PC blades in the data center answered our requirements for better manageability and better security," says HP customer Kevin Thompson, manager, Workstation Operations, Sallie Mae. "CCI is a clean, straightforward solution that's much easier to manage than individual PCs. With …centrally managed HP PC blades, the IT staff is spending much less time on PC management."

Implementing HP CCI can lead to a potential 50 percent reduction in the total cost of ownership over the typical four-year lifecycle of traditional desktop PCs, according to HP  estimates.

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