Palm stops shipping its smartphone, Treo 650 -- and other news in brief

Short takes on the week's news

Short takes on this week's tech data news

Palm pulls smartphone over EU environment law

Palm has stopped shipping its only European smartphone, the Treo 650, because it does not meet new EU hazardous substance regulations. The company said it plans to launch a replacement for the Treo 650 in the coming months.

BEA introduces Eclipse based development tools

BEA has released three application development products based on the open source Eclipse framework - Weblogic Portal 9.2, Workshop for Weblogic 9.2 and Weblogic Server 9.2. Enhancements in the Java-based tools are designed to help users get a faster return on investment, said BEA.

Unisys drops mainframe chips in favour of Intel

Unisys is phasing out the CMos processors used in its Clearpath mainframes, and will enable its MCP and OS 2200 operating systems to run on Intel-driven hardware instead. The move to Intel processors will make it easier for Windows and MCP applications to work together, said Unisys.

Seagate patents process for 1Tbyte hard drives

Seagate Technology has patented a process that could increase computer disc space to more than 1Tbyte. The company's process allows the read/write head of a disc to get closer to the surface, so the disc can store more information.

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