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I have recently sold my financial services business and I am looking to begin a career in IT.

The question: How do I move into IT from financial sector?

I have recently sold my financial services business and I am looking to begin a career in IT. I have had experience in running and using IT in my business and I would want to work in IT infrastructure. However, I have no formal qualifications. What courses would you recommend and how do I go about training? With so much opportunity, I do not want to end up in the £25,000 per year income bracket.

The solution: Service management suits your skillset

Having had experience of setting up, running your own business and subsequently selling it, it would be fair to say that perhaps a role in service management would best suit your skillset and experience. You would be able to utilise your business acumen, the managerial and negotiating experience you have obtained, and, of course, your client-facing skills.

The principles of service management focus on the people, processes and technology issues that IT organisations face. IT service management involves managing IT systems and policies for those IT departments and organisations that have a need to deliver a high-quality IT service. You will specifically address the issues surrounding the strategic business value generated by those IT departments and organisations.

ITIL qualifications would be very useful within this field as they would prove to employers your knowledge and capability around a globally accepted approach to service management. To add further credence to these qualifications, the British Standards Institute supports the ITIL approach as the industry standard for IT service management.

Unfortunately, in changing career, you will have to accept that your starting salary may be less than you desire.

Solution by Jason D'Silva Williams, manager, commercial IT recruitment, Hudson
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