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Dual Wi-Fi and GPRS option for smartphones

Software has emerged that enables smartphones to make calls over both Wi-Fi and GPRS, allowing a single handset to be used inside and outside the office, finding the most cost-effective network. Network developer Allied Telesyn said its Windows Mobile software turns a mobile phone into a voice over IP handset.

BT installs Serveriron switches in datacentres

BT has installed Foundry Network's Serveriron 400 and 450 application switches at four datacentres to support the global provision of network services. The Foundry hardware is being used to load-balance traffic running through more than 400 enterprise-class Sun servers.

Higher speed version of Bluetooth planned

Bluetooth is set to evolve to make use of high-speed Ultra Wideband (UWB), leading to a higher-speed version of the wireless radio technology. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has backed UWB technology from WiMedia and said it will develop a higher speed version of Bluetooth over the next year.

GFI produces software to stop insider attacks

Network security supplier GFI has produced software to help IT managers protect networks from insider attacks. Endpointsecurity helps to safeguard against viruses carried on mobile devices and data theft via portable storage, media and consumer electronic devices.

Packeteer 8.0 offers service-level monitoring

Packeteer is launching a major software update for its family of wireless area network appliances. Packeteer 8.0 provides service level monitoring over MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) networks. Packeteer said the product was also able to overcome the impact of latency and increase the flow rate of applications.


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