IBM launches SMB solutions platform

New addition to all-in-one IT platform for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

IBM has unveiled what it calls the next generation of its all-in-one IT platform for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), the System i5 line.

The new features have been added with the principal aim of simplifying IT operations. IT complexity has long been identified as a major hindrance for all companies, in particular SMBs.

Capable of running across four operating systems - IBM’s i5/OS V5R4, Linux, AIX 5L and Windows - the System i5 is based on a Power5+ processor. This is a dual-core system on a chip that runs at speeds of up to 2.2GHz and offers up to a 33% increase in performance over the current Power5-based iSeries models.

Configurations based on i5/OS V5R4 will offer enhanced security and disaster recovery features. IBM says these will help companies promote continuous operations and make outages of any kind - planned or unplanned - transparent to their business.

IBM adds that in order to appeal directly to an SMB audience, the System i5 will be pre-packaged with the hardware and software needed to run business applications, namely databases, application servers, operating systems, networking, security and management tools, and storage.

Additional new features include the future integration of IBM BladeCenter and xSeries to System i5 storage via an open, industry-standard iSCSI connection, virtual tape support, enhanced security and compliance options and database management tools.


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