Oracle support for service oriented architectures

Oracle is offering a one-stop shop to customers seeking to build a service-oriented architecture.

Oracle is offering a one-stop shop to customers seeking to build a service-oriented architecture (SOA) by bundling together several middleware products.


An SOA environment allows firms to deploy applications and services over the web quickly so they can react flexibly to the changing needs of their business.


Oracle is now selling a number of its Fusion solutions as the Oracle SOA Suite. The integrated products will have a common installation process and similar management tools. Oracle said the new suite, which incorporates its BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) products, represented a one-stop shop for SOA deployments.


Oracle said the suite was also designed to work with other suppliers’ SOA offerings, although it would be cheaper to use with Oracle application servers. Using the suite with Oracle's application server costs around £29,500 per CPU; this compares to about £38,000 per CPU with rival application servers, says Oracle.


The suite's components include Oracle BPEL Process Manager for mapping business process flows, Oracle ESB for connecting existing IT systems and business partners, Oracle Web Services Manager to provide a console for setting web service policies, and Oracle Business Rules Engine for defining and managing business rules, as well as other tools.

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