Sharing of the wireless spectrum may soon become a reality -- and other network news briefs

Short takes on this week's networks news

Short takes on this week's networks news

Body to facilitate sharing of wireless spectrum

As demand for wireless bandwidth grows, a non-profit body was launched last week to facilitate sharing the wireless spectrum. The Bandsharing Forum comprises public and private organisations and will work with government, regulators and the public sector.

Real-time monitoring for 10 Gigabit networks

Network Instruments has integrated real-time monitoring and analysis for 10 Gigabit Ethernet into its Observer products. Network administrators can use the software to monitor and manage their 10 Gigabit networks using 30 real-time statistics and set alarms to notify them about problems.

ScriptLogic boosts USB data theft defences

ScriptLogic has added USB and port security to its Desktop Authority Windows network administration software. Version 7.5 can lock down a desktop or notebook computer and prevents data theft using removable storage devices.

Packeteer Wan booster extended to branch office

Packeteer has introduced an entry-level Packetshaper Wan optimisations tool for branch office and network edge deployments. Packetshaper 1400 models combine a high-capacity appliance with built-in scalability, said Packeteer.

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